Live Life Clothing Company was founded with a heart and passion for the great outdoors. Our roots run deep in the beautiful state of Montana, where we are constantly surrounded by inspiration, and engulfed in the outdoor culture. Our love for Montana is ever-growing, but our passion for exploring the world is too. We believe every place has hidden gems waiting to be explored. The term "Live Life" is to be interpreted differently by each individual. To us, "Live Life" means spending time outside, living life off-road, exploring the unknown, taking last minute road trips, hiking the highest peaks, chasing sunsets, sleeping under the stars. Whatever "Live Life" means to you, we cannot wait for you to take us along on your journey. Our customers are what keep us going, and with you, we can spread our mission of "living life" across the world. #enjoythejourney #respectthedestination




Our Products

Before we launched Live Life in June of 2016, we spent months picking out the perfect fabric blends. From the right weight, feel and performance levels. We wanted a shirt that was comfortable to wear all day, from an afternoon adventure to beers at your local brewery. We are just as passionate about what we are wearing, as what adventure we are doing while wearing it. We are known for “the softest” t-shirts around, and we are sure proud of that. We will be introducing our sister brand “Lifestyle” in April 2018. Lifestyle will have all of your “to & from” basics, and casual “lifestyle” apparel.